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PlayStation Sony VR2 + DG Horizon Call of Mountain VCH

71,999 L

71,999 L

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PlayStation Sony VR2 + DG Horizon Call of Mountain VCH

71,999 L

Package contents:
VR headset
Horizon Call of the Mountain game download voucher online
PlayStation VR2 Sense™ controller (L) / (R) with straps
USB cable (for pairing and charging the controller)
Stereo earphones
Three pairs of ear tips
Printed materials Description of the PlayStation VR2 virtual reality system:

Discover worlds with truly realistic sensations, graphics and audio thanks to the huge generational leap that virtual reality gaming is taking with PlayStation®VR2.

CUTTING-EDGE PERFORMANCEEnjoy stunning 4K HDR4 graphics in compatible games, a wide 110º field of view and state-of-the-art graphics rendering, all made possible by the power of PS5™.

Experience the revolutionary technology of PlayStation VR2 Sense™ with eye tracking, headset feedback and 3D audio, plus new intuitive controllers to create extremely realistic sensations and emotions in compatible games.

Jump straight into the action with a quick and easy one-cable connection to your PS5 console.

Immerse yourself in the next generation of genre-defining VR gaming as you connect with new worlds in unique and immersive ways.


4K HDR graphics.
110º field of view.
Advanced graphics rendering.
Single cable configuration.
New generation of VR games that redefine the genre.
PlayStation VR2 Sense™ Technology:
Eye tracking.
Headset feedback.
3D sound.
Extremely intuitive controls: haptic feedback, adaptive triggers and tactile finger detection

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